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Advance Vibrators is a renowned name in the field of high frequency concrete vibrators. Following is our range of concrete vibrators.

Internal Vibrators

  • High Frequency Motor-in-Head Immersion Vibrators Details
  • STELLAR High Frequency Internal Vibrators with Integrated Converter Details
  • Conventional Pendulum type Immersion vibrators Details

Dam Poker Vibrators

Proper consolidation of low slump concrete is laborious and requires continuous supervision. The two man hand-held high speed internal vibrator, as we call it the DAM poker vibrator is the most efficient compactor. Details

Slip-form Poker Vibrators

Advance Vibrators Slip-form Paver Poker Vibrators are internal concrete vibrators specially designed to use on slip-form pavers. Details

External/Shuttering Vibrators

External concrete vibrators are available in high frequency (150 Hz and 200 Hz i.e. 9000 rpm and 6000 rpm) and normal frequency (50 Hz i.e. 3000 rpm). High Frequency External Concrete Vibrators (6000 rpm and 9000 rpm) are operated through frequency converter.

  • 3000 VPM Normal Frequency External Vibrators Details
  • 6000 VPM High Frequency External Vibrators Details
  • 9000 VPM High Frequency External Vibrators Details
  • Quick Fixing and Releasing(QFR) of External Vibrators Details

Frequency Converters

Advance Vibrators electronic/static frequency converters run high frequency concrete vibrators (both internal and external). Since there is no moving part, they save on power and maintenance. They are efficient and light weight making them mobile for high altitude and difficult locations.

  • Frequency Converters for Motor-in-Head Immersion vibrators (40 mm, 57 mm, 65 mm, 75 mm) Details
  • Frequency Converters for DAM Poker vibrators (110 mm, 140 mm) Details
  • Frequency Converters for 6000 rpm External Vibrators Details
  • Frequency Converters for 9000 rpm External Vibrators Details

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